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  • Project Date: 10 June 2020

  • Location: Surrey, United Kingdom

  • Contracting Investor: MyWorklink

  • Duration: 8 months

The application consists of a website portal where Worklink admins, agency and clients login with different user rights and perform their daily functions.  A seperate mobile app for flexible workers was deployed to the Android and Apple App Stores for free access.  The entire application is secured by an SSL and hosted in the cloud for ubuquitous access to information.  Highly customisable and intuitive reports were developed for each portal depending on users’ specific needs

Technology & Methodology

We employed the agile software development methodology.  The whole team from designers, developers, testers, users and DevOps engineers kept collaborating through our custom developed project management tool.  CI and SCM tools were used to automate deployment but to the QA and live environments.

Backend:  Java (Spring)

Templating:  Thymeleaf

Frontend:  Reactjs

Mobile App:  Flutter

Deployment: Traefik

System Summary

Worklink is an online marketplace for employment agencies and clients in need of temporary staffing solutions in various service sectors from healthcare, teaching, driving, cleaning, security.


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